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Incredible Antique Art Nouveau Hobe Blue Aquamarine Crystal Copper & Silver Flower, Leaves Design Chevron Necklace and Bracelet Demi Parure

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This is an incredible set! Extremely high quality mixed metal necklace and bracelet demi parure set that is an unsigned Hobe book piece I came across recently in one of my many identification books. Copper flowers set with aquamarine crystal stones in a coin silver leaf and berry intricate and high quality design. This set has box clasps on both pieces, the necklace's is a unique flower box clasp. This set is unsigned but because of the craftsmanship I am positive it is a designer set, and most likely was signed on the earrings only, which I do not have :( This is not a silver plated set, so no need to worry that a different color metal will show through, it is a silver bearing coin silver, a low grade silver, not 925 sterling, but it is a silver bearing. Just to be as specific as possible about the metal quality :) Don't miss this one!