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A Gothic Winter...

A Gothic Winter...

Peices for that long, cold, dark winter and all the feels that... 

Copper & Brass, Barbaric & Bad Ass

Copper & Brass, Barbaric & Bad Ass

Amazing vintage one of a kind (ooak) copper and brass handmade artisan... 

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A Story Behind Every Piece

My obsession with vintage jewelry started at a young age. While other children were playing at the park with friends, I was at auctions & estate sales with my Bestamor. I look at pieces I got then & they remind me of her. Every piece I find has a story & a life before me. This makes vintage & antique jewelry so much more valuable & interesting to me than something new & mass produced.

  • Art Deco

    I love to imagine the flapper doing the charleston in the 20's wearing some of my beads, dancing the night away.

    Art Deco Rings 
  • Arts & Crafts Movement

    Or, a hippie in the 1960's wearing bell bottoms, a flower crown & a turquoise sterling cuff bracelet at Woodstock

    Arts & Crafts Movement 
  • Victorian & Edwardian

    Or, Victorian woman wearing a mourning cameo after losing a loved one. Putting a lock of hair inside of the locket to keep a piece of them close to her heart.

    Victorian & Edwardian 
  • Cameos

    Cameo Necklaces, Lockets, Rings, Brooches, Bracelets & more

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Hand Crafted Custom Jewelry

Handmade Sterling

Handmade Sterling

One of a Kind custom sterling silver & gemstone jewelry hand crafted... 

  • Mexican & South American

    Beautiful tribal Aztec, Mayan and Mexican Sterling and Mixed Metal Pieces

    Mexican & South American 
  • Early Plastics

    Bakelite, Celluloid and Lucite early plastic pieces.

    Early Plastics 
  • Czechoslovakian

    Beautiful Czech Brass, Filigree & Art Glass

  • Art Nouveau

    Gorgeous early sterling and mixed metal pieces from the Art Nouveau Art Movement Period

    Art Nouveau