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Handmade Pyrite in Magnetite Healers Gold Sterling Silver Earrings

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Gorgeous pyrite in magnetite gemstone (healers gold) triangle gemstone cabochons bezel set in sterling silver handmade in my studio with hook dangle backs.  

Matching necklace pendant is available in a separate listing and pictured in group photo and last photo.  This listing is just for the earrings. 

Measures 42mm x 17mm

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Info about Pyrite in Magnetite:

Pyrite in Magnetite combines the properties of both Pyrite and Magnetite.  This is also known as Healer’s Gold.  This stone projects a powerful positive energy that activates and harmonizes the body. As its name suggests, it is an excellent aid for healers, drawing high frequency energy into the body and grounding it in the earth plane. This stone aids those who are indecisive to make clear, confident decisions.  It also encourages confidence, creativity and manifestation. It is thought to strengthen the body and increases oxygenation and vitality

Furnishes the vitalities of its carrier to offer a power booster for drained energy.  Pyrite is said to help you to analyze situations clearly. Said to dispense stability to the mind, ingenuity, spiritual maturity and grounding.

Magnetite is assessed to yield yin/yang energies to bring them into a balanced state and aligns the chakras of the torso.  Also used to ward off anger along with the feeling of grief and confusion from the emotional torso of its carrier. Magnetite is said to radiate out the attractive forces that are trusted to call upon love and good fortune as it safeguards its carrier against betrayal.  Used to infuse the feelings of harmony that help its carrier to strengthen his willpower as well as stay in peace. Used to root out the basic cause of depression and give support to the immune system.