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Handmade Norwegian Pink Thulite Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring

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Handmade in my studio this is a gorgeous pink Thulite gemstone cabochon bezel set in sterling silver with a beaded detail on a thick half round band.  I purchased this thulite gemstone in Old Town Bryygn in Bergen Norway from a local lapidary artist there. 

Gemstone setting is 2.5cm x 1.5cm 

Size 8 but can be upsized at buyers request for a small sizing fee. 

Thulite can help us be more open and accepting in our relationships and increase our capacity to show sympathy for others. Thulite is a good stone to aid in breaking destructive habits and fighting addiction. It gives us the strength to move on from the errors of our past.

Thulite's healing properties amplifies self-love and relaxation. It encourages you to prioritize self-care and fosters a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Hold the Thulite crystal in front of a mirror. Look into your own eyes and repeat self-love affirmations, such as, “I am worthy of love and care.”

This crystal isn't found in many areas and when it is discovered, high-quality stones are usually in limited supply. Due to the limited number of mines in Norway, Thulite crystal is considered to be a relatively rare crystal and can be difficult to come by in large quantities.

Thulite is a stone that radiates love, compassion, happiness, joy and serenity. Potent vibrations of this stone can be felt when standing near a larger piece or when holding it in your hand. Subtle, yet soft energy begins to imbue your aura, resonating directly with your heart.