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Handmade Apatite & Malachite in Chrysocholla Sterling Silver Earrings

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Handmade in my studio these are beautiful sterling silver earrings with faceted neon apatite and green malachite in chrysocholla gemstone dangle earrings. 

Apatite meaning represents manifestation. It is linked to your former incarnations; however, it is also linked to your future.

Apatite enhances creativity and the intellect. It clears confusion and frustration, reducing irritability and awakening the inner self. Apatite expands knowledge and truth and eases sorrow, apathy, and anger.

Blue Apatite has been known to heal the meridians, organs, and glands within the body. It also acts as a hunger suppressant and metabolic equalizer. If you are struggling with weight management, drink a Blue Apatite crystal elixir to support your goals.

Apatite helps eliminate over-activity, under-activity, blockages and congestion in all of the chakras. It is excellent for balancing yin-yang, and for raising kundalini energy. Blue Apatite stimulates the Third Eye and the Throat Chakras.


Malachite has been traditionally used to ward off danger and fight illness. It has been said to protect against falling and has been wrapped over bruises and broken bones to help with tissue regeneration and healing. Malachite tends to draw negative energy and disharmony into itself.

Strengthening Emotional Healing: Malachite's energy is deeply connected to emotional healing and balance. By wearing malachite close to the heart, we can tap into its soothing vibrations and promote the release of past wounds and negative emotions.

Associated with Venus, it is said that Malachite attracts love. Attached onto the cradle or worn as an amulet, it is believed to protect children. Also called "the merchant stone", Malachite is believed to attract greenbacks, therefore favorable to traders and businessmen.